START program

2 personal trainings

This offer is dedicated to the new Core Studio customers who are just starting their pilates journey, do not know pilates equipment (reformer/chair), and just want to try new things.

What’s in there?

First meeting:
Approx. 55 minutes

Since it’s our first time, we need to know you a little. That’s why we’ll ask about your health condition and preferences of exercises by conducting a medical and lifestyle interview, and also a body posture assessment.

You’ll get to know the basics of the reformer: how to properly lie down and get up from it, how it’s made, and how to exercise on it safely.

Training itself will be divided into two parts: 25 minutes of classic exercises on the mat and 25 minutes on the reformer. Naturally, exercises will be adjusted to your health and condition.

Next meeting:
Approx. 55 minutes

We’ll continue to learn how to use the reformer. This knowledge definitely will help us change positions between exercises in a functional and safe manner. Because we are working on the strength of the core, apart from the reformer, we also practice on a mat and a chair.

The START package is also good preparation for DUO / TRIO classes. Knowing how to handle the reformer, and especially quickly adjusting it to your body geometry, is a necessary skill during dynamic workouts.

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