Pilates Reformer

pilates reformerThe MVe® Reformer bed is a specialized device for exercising with the Pilates method.

Although developed a long time ago, it is still rather new in Poland.

Joseph Pilates designed a reformer to aid in the rehabilitation of the wounded during world war I.

MVe® Reformer is a device that allows you to break away from exercise on the mat and gives the possibility to exercise to people with back problems.

There are 200 to 400 different exercises on the bed. The exercises can be performed while sitting, kneeling, lying on the back, abdomen, on the side, and in a standing position, also with different loads and in a different range of motion. It allows you to focus on individual muscle groups and precisely performed movements.

During the exercises on the reformer, we overcome the resistance of the springs by moving the movable trolley along the rails. We exercise the muscles, improve the stabilization of the spine and the position of the body. The advantage of exercises on this device is, among others, the possibility of adjusting the resistance to the skills of the exercising person, greater control over the position of the legs and spine than in the exercises on the mat, and above all – diversification of the training.

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