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Personal Training

Pilates, contrary to the thinking of it, is a very difficult exercise technique. Proper body positioning and precision are the basis of its effectiveness. Therefore, body awareness and knowledge of anatomy are essential in your work. Thanks to them, you can get the best possible results.

When exercising on our own, we are not sure if the exercises have been properly performed, and due to the fact that Pilates moves, among others, deep muscle parts, only under the supervision of a trainer, we can get to know its truly beneficial effects.

What are the benefits of personal training?

1.  Interview and defining training goals

Before the first classes begin, we conduct a short interview about your health and general condition, on the basis of which we define the training goal. After the first session, the trainer gives the necessary tips and selects the right set of exercises that is fully adapted to your condition, needs, and possibilities.

2.  Selection of exersises

When choosing the best exercises, we always take into account all posture defects, health problems related to injuries, joint pain, operations, or rehabilitation. We will also pay attention to shaping the figure if you additionally want to lose a few kilos or regain shape, e.g. after pregnancy and childbirth.

Improving strength and flexibility is also a great complement to other sports, definitely supporting further achievements. Therefore, when selecting exercises, we will also take into account your other activities.

3.  Contrology, motivation, progress

In pilates, we use a small number of repetitions, so they do not lead to muscle fatigue. During the session, the exercises are repeated only once and smoothly pass into the next, which supports the intensity of training and maintains muscle tone. We constantly watch over the correct technique and pace of exercises, motivate you to perform them properly, thanks to which you will observe faster progress and greater satisfaction with the work performed.

4.  Preparation for DUO/TRIO classes

There may be times in the group sessions that the exercises are more advanced, incomprehensible, or not adapted to your needs. Personal training will prepare you for it and help you understand the essence of Pilates. Thanks to this knowledge, in case of difficulties, you will know how to modify the exercises so that they perfectly serve your needs.

The hours of personal training sessions are set individually with the trainer.

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