DUO/TRIO Training

Pilates in a small, intimate group of 2-3 people. We’re focusing on the right pace. Classes are dynamic, but not overly strenuous. By joining group activities, you must not have any pain symptoms or be undergoing treatment. Knowledge of the equipment operation (reformer, chair) is essential, therefore we suggest using personal training first, or at least the START program.

Types of classes:

Pilates Mat; In this lesson, we use a classic set of exercises on the mat, based on the traditional J. Pilates method, characterized by dynamic and smooth transitions between positions. We recommend these classes for everyone. The lesson consists of two parts: a set of exercises from the classical repertoire, which consolidates movement patterns and functional fitness, and supplementary exercises, e.g. with weights, balls, pilates rings, balance pillows, and some stretching.

Pilates Reformer / Chair / Mat; In this lesson, we use large equipment and mats in a peripheral system. Participants are divided into groups, each of which performs its own set of exercises. Beginners start on a reformer and mat, while intermediate and advanced ones have a reformer, chair, and mat at their disposal.

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