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Flexibility without getting out of bed!

In Core Studio we refer to the traditional method of Joseph Pilates and use the equipment of his idea: Reformer – pilates bed and Chair – pilates chair. This dynamic exercise method makes classes effective and interesting.

We offer personal training as well as small DUO/TRIO classes in the luxurious Belvedere Residence (1st floor) in Warsaw, Mokotow.


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As the creator of the method, Joseph Humbertus Pilates
used to say:

you’ll feel the difference

you’ll see the difference

you’ll have a new body!


For a good start 


Precision and contrology


Mobilization and pace

Pilates Mokotow

We conduct classes on various levels of difficulty, both on mats with the use of hoops, gymnastic balls, tapes, bars, rollers, and on specialized Peak Pilates® equipment – MVe® Reformer beds and MVe® Chair.

These exercises ensure the even development of the body and building the strength of the center-core, i.e. the abdominal muscles and spinal muscles, which are the focal point of our movement apparatus. Arranged in the right order and performed with precision, they give us the possibility to sculpt muscles, work on our abdomen, and stretch our body at the same time. Our spine becomes flexible and strong, the muscles get slender and springy, which gives us energy and a healthy look. That’s why we consider pilates therapeutic gymnastics.

Training on reformers and chairs helps to improve the exercises, thanks to which we achieve our goals faster, both in shaping the figure and in gaining a functional body. Pilates is also a great alternative for professional and recreational athletes and dancers as supportive training.

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