About the Joseph Pilates method

Pilates consists of a series of slow, precise exercises in which it is very important to control the abdominal muscles and to breathe correctly. Concentration, self-control, smooth movements, and accuracy are the basic principles of this technique. Following them will keep you safe and will quickly bring the desired results.

The number of repetitions doesn’t matter – you can do thousands of repetitions, but as long as they’re not precise, they’ll do more harm than good. Therefore, during training, you must pay great attention to how you perform the exercises. Often, focus and concentration are the greatest challenges in Pilates.


Pilates helps create balance in the body. Contributes to the creation of well-being. It affects how the body looks, how we feel it, and how it works. Exercises without stress and torment, performed to the sounds of calm music, put us in a good mood. Physiotherapists and osteologists describe this method as one of the safest forms of physical activity.

The exercises were developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates to enable injured athletes and dancers to safely return to training and stay fit. Since then, the Pilates method has been adapted for use by all comers.

During exercise, we alternately stretch and strengthen the muscles, making them more flexible. As a result, the body regains elasticity, the silhouette improves, the figure becomes slender and youthful, and the gait is light and graceful.

Characteristic for the Pilates method is also the fact that it does not focus only on large and strong muscles but also strengthens small and weak muscles, the existence of which we often do not even realize until we start exercising.

Another variation of Pilates is equipment exercises. It includes a set of exercises for advanced users and uses various equipment, including the so-called reformers (improvement devices). The exercises on the reformer are similar to those performed on the mat. What makes them more advanced are the springs and elastic bands that make it necessary to overcome a lot more resistance in order to perform the exercise.

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